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Lindsey McKeon talks "Supernatural", "Drop Dead Diva" & new films

McKeon also starred on the former CW hit show "One Tree Hill", where she played Taylor James.
McKeon also starred on the former CW hit show "One Tree Hill", where she played Taylor James.
Frances Iacuzzi

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Lindsey McKeon! In addition to an upcoming guest starring appearance on Lifetime's hit series "Drop Dead Diva" and her recurring role on "Supernatural", the actress can be seen in three films this year. From her role in the romantic comedy, FLOCK OF DUDES to the horror film, INDIGENOUS there is no doubt of McKeon's versatility in her work as an actress. In addition to her full schedule as an actress, McKeon still makes time to give back; she is a part of the host committee for the upcoming Road to Hope charity event that will raise funds and awareness to better the lives of children in Africa who are orphaned as a result of losing one or both parents to Cancer and HIV/AIDS.
In a new interview, we discussed the fund-raiser, her many projects and more!

Congrats on all your projects this year! It seems like you have a lot going on.

Lindsey- Thank you! It's really nice. I'm so incredibly grateful. I have some amazing stuff coming up. I'm really excited about the Tribeca Film Festival. I shot “Drop Dead Diva” in Atlanta not too long ago. Rick Springfield is in it. And also one of the guy's from Rascal Flatts. So it should be a fun episode!

What is your storyline on “Drop Dead Diva”?

Lindsey- I am a band member's girlfriend who seems not very nice. (Laughs) She's kind of gunning for another band member. She's kind of I guess you could say like the Yoko Ono in a way of the episode. It's all in the courtroom. It was fun. It was exciting that I got my lawyer court room dialogue out of the way on the first day. So that's always like, phew I got that behind me. It was fun to play the strong, pit bully kind of character.

A lot of actresses tell me that they like playing the strong woman.

Lindsey- It’s so much fun. Because to find a place in you that's doing it; you know every human being is doing what they're doing because they believe in it and it's for a cause. They think they're right. They don't think, ‘Oh my god I'm this awful person.’ We just see it from the outside and we call you a horrible person or aggressive or whatever. So for me as an actress it's so much fun to get into that human behavior of why does she act this way? But from the outside it just looks like, "Oh she's nasty!"

How did you prepare to get into that mindset?

Lindsey- I think everyone has some place within themselves where they can tap into it. But I always work with a coach. Because it's like with an athlete coach, they help you see more than you can see.

I read you are in an upcoming film called FLOCK OF DUDES with Hilary Duff and Ray Liotta.

Lindsey- It's a fun movie. It's a guy's guy kind of movie. There is romance in it though, so it's still soft. It's very, very comedic. What dudes do when they're together. What's cool about it is these guys have grown up together, they're sort of in a relationship together, and then one of them decides to break up and all their lives completely change. It is a very fun premise watching guys be guys but at the same time be in a relationship with each other. Kind of like, "Why are you calling him? Why didn't you talk to me?" (Laughs)

And I also know you we will be seeing you an upcoming horror film.

Lindsey- I filmed a horror film INDIGENOUS in Panama. Five weeks in the middle of the jungle. It was pretty crazy! The last week we were at the beach, which was stunning and we were all really thankful that we didn't go to the beach first and then the jungle. It would have made it even worse!

Tell me about your short film, Delicious Ambiguity with Arielle Kebbel, that I know is in festivals now.

Lindsey- My character in that film, she is a girlfriend of Lamorne Morris from "New Girl". She is brought over to his friend's engagement party. And madness ensues because what else happens when people are in a relationship at different stages of their lives? Madness! Nobody is just happy go lucky all the time right?! (Laughs) I sort of am put in this position with all of these people that are saying things, not saying things to each other. They're uncomfortable. I'm doing my best to hold my own sitting at that table when I probably just wish I could get out of there and go have some fun with my boyfriend.

That sounds like a fun plot to watch!

Lindsey- It's really great! And there's a great twist in it. And the really fun part was we just got all of our good friends and shot it in one weekend. And now it's in festivals and doing well. It was a fun, productive little weekend for all of us!

How did that idea come about?

Lindsey- The director is a friend of friends and they worked with him before and just talked to a couple of us about doing it and playing the parts. We said we would love to. All the girls have always wanted to work together. We were waiting to find something the four of us could do together. Because we're all great friends and spend a lot of time together and we wanted to be able to work and have it reflect that. And then we decided to put boys in it. I don't know why! (Laughs)

I am sure that's very gratifying for you all to see it now playing in festivals.

Lindsey- It is. It was fun getting it together in a very small amount of time. And now festivals are liking it, which is fantastic.

In addition to all of your films, I know we will be seeing you back on “Supernatural” soon!

Lindsey- I am going up to Canada to do more “Supernatural” next week. I am so excited. This is first of all one of my favorite characters to play. And I just read the script over the weekend and I'm even more excited now because it's a fun little juicy twist. I'm really happy about it!

What makes her one of your favorites? What most appeals to you about her?

Lindsey- What appeals to me most is she has been so many things. Now she is a reaper and an angel at the same time. Maybe they're all one in a same and for me they kind of are. And they're not of this world but they are in this world, and they have the human body to be able walk to around in this world. So for me it's really neat to have that much wisdom, knowledge and awareness from the other world and bring that through this body to this world. That's why I live this character so much. I think that's why I like Sci-Fi movies as well; because I have done so much spiritual learning that I want to be able to bring that to the characters I play and have them be that aware and have that much to offer the world and humanity

It definitely seems like you have played a variety of roles, but do you have a dream role that you would love to play that you haven’t yet?

Lindsey- Yes, indeed. I would like to be a peaceful warrior. I would like to do Sci-Fi/action/thriller and be a warrior. That's what I would like!

Any final thoughts to viewers?

Lindsey- I am doing a fundraiser April 14th for a foundation called Road to Hope. is the site. Torrey DeVitto is going to be heading it with me. Arielle Kebbel, my friend Chris Evans is also supporting it; and a bunch of other actors. It will be at Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood. I am excited about that!

For more on the Road to Hope charity event and to get tickets, click here!

Keep up with Lindsey McKeon on Twitter: @MyLindseyMcKeon

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