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Lindsey Lohan's 6126 Full Apparel Line


Lindsey Lohan's 6126 line of leggings have been successfully sold at stores such as Neiman Marcus and DNAM Apparel.  She's announced that she'll be expanding her line to a full apparel collection this coming fall. 

Sketch for Lohan's 6126 Line
Photo from WWD

The Fall 2010 collection will contain 100 pieces and further expand in Spring 2011 to a full lifestyle brand (including handbags, accessories, shoes, jewelry, etc.) with 150 pieces.  The clothing items in the collection will be pieces that, naturally, go together well with leggings to creating contemporary and feminine outfits.  A few examples that have popped up in design sketches include satin dresses, casual blazers, silk tunic tops, and studded vests. 

The leggings and clothing will continued to be made with the same materials -modal, lace, leather and cashmere, and with prices ranging from $18 leggings to $300 leather jackets.  Great news for those of us who thought $100 for a pair of leggings was ridiculous, despite how unique they were.

A lot of these sketches look great; I'm excited to see what 6126 will offer in the fall, especially at this lower price point!


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