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Lindsey Lohan and the Jesus Complex

By Rev. Mother Meredith Moise, SPSA

I occasionally browse the gossip pages to enjoy the follies of celebrities. Low and behold, in the middle of the rancor of John Mayer's racist, sexist comments, I spot an article about Lindsey Lohan and a Jesus- like pose on the cover of a magazine. A spokesperson from a very conservative, non progressive Roman Catholic group responded to the controversy by lambasting the troubled star. He urged her to become a Christian all the while roasting her for the photo on the cover.

He seemed so outraged, so offended. In fact, this is his usual response to anything that seems anti-Roman Catholic or even remotely anti Christian. His feigned outrage was almost laughable.

Firstly, if one always seems angry at the world at some slight or some apparent insult, what is the point? Why should people even take that seriously? Secondly, Lohan appeared to posed like the crucified Jesus. So what? Did the world stop spinning? Was our Lord so offended that he left the right side of the Father to smack her down? Did any one even ask Lohan what her message was behind the photo?

Unfortunately, we have once again missed the boat behind this discussion. Instead of fake outrage, why don't we ask Lohan to sell the photo raise money for Haiti? That would be Christ-like. Looking at the photo, I am not at all outraged. If there is any outrage to be had, then why not aim it at her terrible outfit? It wasn't even really that cute.

Seriously, this is an artificial attempt to wrinkle some feathers to get people to buy a magazine. If Jesus isn't mad, then why should I be? People have been mocking our Lord for the last 2000 years! He was crucified by the Romans for our sakes! Our Lord is too big for this. We defame Him by our fake outrage. We defame Jesus when we take our eye off the ball to comment on a trivial magazine cover. We miss the point of spreading His love by continuing to diss an obviously troubled and ill human being. Our time is better spent doing works of mercy, feeding the hungry, caring for the ill and visiting those incarcerated by physical and mental prisons. We waste time by being obsessed with gossip mags! I don't care how Lohan poses but I do care about doing the work of Jesus!



  • Jeffrey Clark 5 years ago

    I concur! Thanks for the lesson and quote - see Baltimore Baha'i Examiner.
    Best wishes.

  • Reno Catholic Examiner 5 years ago

    Another great article. As Christians we need to be more pro-life where pro-life means promoting human dignity for all people, not worrying about how they posed in some silly paper. Why was the conservative reading that article for anyway?

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