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Lindsey Graham wants the Federal Government to ban internet gambling

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Lindsey Graham is a Republican. Republicans claim to believe in limited government....especially limited in economic matters. Lindsey Graham wants the government to shut down an entire industry--so it doesn't compete with the more traditional branch of the same industry. According to this article on Politico published March 20, 2014, Lindsey Graham wants the Federal Government to ban internet gambling...except horse racing. Why not horse racing? Because senate majority leader Mitch McConnell will not support a bill that bans horse racing.Mitch McConnell is also a Republican. He is the Republican boss so to speak. Why won't the big elephant support a bill that bans horse racing? Because he is the Senior senator from Kentucky. Kentuckians like horse racing. Kentuckians make a lot of money racing horses. This sort of castrates any moral argument about gambling right away...because they will allow gambling...even online gambling, just not poker, slots, sportsbetting, etc.. You know, the stuff brick and mortar casinos like to make money on. Oh, speaking of brick and mortar casinos...this bill is being pushed by billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who recently donated $15600 to the chicken hawk (Lindsey Graham) from South Carolina.

So, are Republicans really for limited government or are they heavy handed corporatist who score winners and losers by the size of their donations?