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'Lindsay' reveals Lindsay Lohan's private life: can anyone feel sorry for her?

Lindsay Lohan is a plethora of conversation be it good, bad, or ugly. Her self-titled docu-series “Lindsay” ended its first season on April 20th on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Her final monologue musing about her life; past and present and future, managed to answer some questions and bring up a host of more as to whether the starlet is committed to her new life.

The final episodes of “Lindsay” saw Lohan meeting with a producer and financier for a new film project. Both were quick and eager to praise Lindsay as one of the greatest actresses of her generation; a statement that may be a little far-fetched. The following is not musings on her off screen antics but what she puts on the screen, and her latest efforts have been sub-par at best. In particular, the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick was pure tripe with Lindsay simply whining her way through the Elizabeth Taylor role. Some could argue that she is not solely responsible for the petulant teenager portrayal and that the writers, director, and editors, made her look like that way; however she was the one speaking the lines.

Perhaps her best work has already come and gone in films such as Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. Regardless of whether she is the most talented actress of her age or not, it is hard to believe she keeps getting offers for magazine covers and party appearances. Yes she is a name but probably for bad reasons. That is not to say Lindsay could not act her way out of a paper bag but she might need some fine tuning to get back to where she was in her heyday.

Or perhaps she needs to just grow up and establish a professional way of conducting business. In a world where people of all ages cannot get a job in a department store, it’s hard to feel sorry for her joblessness when she sleeps in until the early afternoon and is late for afternoon call times. Of course no one ever knows exactly what is going through someone else’s head, Lindsay apparently needs a good alarm clock or a wake-up call. Others are struggling for a minimum wage job and their home, not a (presumably) multi-million dollar SoHo apartment. Even the free gigs (in reference to the Elle Indonesia shoot that was postponed multiple times because Lindsay could not be on time) are important and should get the respect of your efficiency professionalism.

It cannot be overlooked that Lindsay has recently gotten out of rehab but one would think she would not want a night time schedule that she says she is on, as bad choices are synonymous with the night. However it’s her life and all anyone can do is wish her well and hope she gets her act completely together for her sake. But that is a hard endeavor for anyone to do.

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