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Lindsay Lohan's one night stand relationships revealed

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Lindsay Lohan is a 27-year-old American actress who has appeared in the news headlines recently due to the long list of lovers that she has dated. Most of her lovers are famous Hollywood actors. The list was released long before but recently she expanded the list to include other famous personalities in the industry. For instance recently she revealed the list in the In Touch Weekly which included more actors. Famous names on the list included Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Philippe and Benicio Del Toro. Other names that were shocking in the list included famous figures in the American theater industry such as Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine among other celebrities.

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Lindsay Lohan joined the entertainment industry while she was three where she was acting as a child model in the fashion industry. She later proceeded in her career and acted in The Another World which was a soap opera when she was ten years old. She is a great actress which has led her to succeed in the industry where she has appeared in different Hollywood films. Currently she is in many news headlines due to her list of one night stand lovers that is shocking to many.

The list of her lovers extends up to 36 lovers. This is a long list that has evoked different opinions in many people. Some of the people included in the list have stable marriages where it bring questions about their fidelity in their relationships .There are also other lovers in the list who are already engaged where the list has evoked different bitter emotions.

List of engaged lovers who appear in the list

Engaged lovers such as Ryan Philippe, Ashton Kutcher and Orlando Bloom appear in the list. This has evoked many questions and discussion on different social medias. This is because the list evokes different feelings on those who are engaged. The list was released recently by Lindsay Lohan herself where the names where published by The In Touch Weekly .In the updated list the actress nicknamed Bloom ``Orli’’ which has evoked many discussions by different people all over the world.

There are some names of high profile actors that where blurred in the previous lists but are in the list revealed by The In Touch Weekly. For instance names such as Benicio Del Toro, Aaron Voros who is a famous hockey player, Stavros Niarchos and model Petey Wright are among the freshly released names in the list. In the first lists that were previously released famous figures in the entertainment industry that were released included Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, Joaquin Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Jamie Dornan, James Franco, Colin Farrell and many more whom you can really be shocked to hear about them.

It was in Beverly Hills Hotel where the actress wrote down the names. According to In Touch Weekly, she was with friends on January 30th when she was writing the names down. She claimed it was her congest list when she was explaining to an In Touch reporter.

Why did she provide the list?

This can be a question that is disturbing many who have come across various reports that explain about her one nightstand relationships. From her words she claimed to be in a process of trying to impress her friends while in the hotel where she provided the long list. On January 30th, she was with friends when they were discussing about people in the entertainment industry when she provided the list and it ended up on the social Medias where it has evoked different emotions from different people considering the list include famous people most of whom are not single guys.

Beverly Hills Hotel revelation of Lindsay Lohan has great impacts on Hollywood relationships considering she is naming big names and most of the people she mentions in the list are either married or in serious relationships. It has already caused a lot of questions to be answered in some relationships especially for those who are in serious relationships for example the one's who are engaged.

Source - In Touch Weekly