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Lindsay Lohan sues Rockstar Games over GTA V character's resemblance

After having made headlines back in December for threatening to sue the creators of the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto V, Lindsay Lohan made good on her threat on Wednesday, filing a suit in a Manhattan court. Lohan claims that Rockstar Games, GTA's developer, used her likeness without her permission when they created the spoiled pop princess, Lacey Jonas.

Lindsay Lohan has filed a suit against Rockstar Games, claiming the developer of the mega-popular game "Grand Theft Auto V" used her likeness for one of their characters.

For those of you who missed out on last year's billion dollar video game phenomenon, Grand Theft Auto V is an open world game that takes place in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles called Los Santos. To make an incredibly long, winding (beautifully executed) story short, the plot of the game follows three very different male protagonists as they crime their way across the city. In between all the driving and shooting, players are afforded the opportunity to travel around the city and its outlying areas in order to do a bunch of random stuff like parachute, run errands, play golf, etc.

Among those various distractions is a side mission in which the player character is tasked with helping a young woman who humbly describes herself as the "voice of a generation." This young woman is named Lacey Jonas, and her time on screen in GTA V is spent being a pile of useless. She drinks heavily, acts like a stuck-up priss and - in one instance - is filmed having sex on camera. In other words, the comparisons to Lohan's actual life are pretty direct. Or they would be if Lindsay Lohan wasn't one of a cavalcade of useless young women whose bad behavior is a past time for so many.

Lacey Jonas is so generic that she could literally be any of a number of premature Hollywood trainwrecks. From Amanda Bynes to Paris Hilton, society was bludgeoned for a time with young women who just couldn't wait to ruin their potential. Lindsay Lohan doesn't own being a confused, drunken harlot; she wasn't remotely the first and she will totally not be the last. Heck, she wasn't even the most offensive or interesting slow motion implosion of her generation (that honor would probably go to Ms. Bynes).

Lohan seems positive that it's all about her, though (which is another annoying trait shared by most people in Hollywood). She claims that not only was her likeness used, but her voice and samples of her clothing line were used as well. On top of all that, Lacey Jonas spends lots of time at a building that resembles the Chateau Marmont, a place that Lohan lived for some time.

First, it might just be this writer, but I don't particularly see the resemblance between the two (except for the fact both enjoy time spent face down in the gutter). Skinny blonde with angular features is so common in Hollywood it'd be like Mattel suing Kate Upton for ripping off Barbie. In line with that train of thought, Jonas' voice - which is high, whiny and self-important - is also pretty common in spoiled young people (women or men), whether they live in Hollywood or not. Lohan's claim that her clothing line is seen draped over Jonas throughout the game also holds little water as both Lohan's clothing line and Jonas' outfit are so run-of-the-mill that they could literally have been stolen from anywhere in the last five years.

The most prominent evidence against Lohan comes from Grand Theft Auto V itself. In the game, Lacey describes herself as "the third most profitable actress/singer of Vinewood." That one line would seem to discredit Lohan's claims. After all, I don't think even the deluded people who still think she's talented would call her career "profitable."

Yesterday was a big one for the starlet (can we call her that if she's not really a star anymore?). July 2 was also Lohan's 28th birthday. And who wouldn't want to celebrate missing out on the 27 club with a tenuous lawsuit that's destined to fail?

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