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Lindsay Lohan's probation comes to an end

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
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We can look forward to seeing Lindsay Lohan in some movies soon. Her formal probation has come to an end so Lohan is no longer restricted from travel and does not have an officer keeping a tab on her. While she remains on informal probation, she has more freedom to pursue the projects she has been rumored to star in such as the elusive made-for-TV Elizabeth Taylor biopic.

Dressed conservatively for her court appearance, Lohan seemed much more level-headed and put together than in previous hearings. The judge described the years long case as "endless" and told Lindsay to live her life in a mature way and "stop the nightclubbing".

Although Lohan will no longer have to serve time at the morgue she still has her share of deadbeats to deal with, namely several individuals that are suing her for a variety of different run-ins. She can be expected back in court at the end of the year where she will have two fight two different people in car accident suits and another woman from the Betty Ford center that she was involved in an altercation with.

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