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Lindsay Lohan's father continues on radio tour, insists going to the press is a last resort


Lindsay Lohan, seen here covering her face from paparazzi. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show airs weekday mornings on Lexington's Hot 102 and if anyone happened to catch it yesterday morning, they may have heard a man desperately trying to make a case in order to save his daughter's life.  Michael Lohan stopped by the show to give his side of the story in what seems to be a never-ending battle among the Lohan family.  Lindsay, who has been in and out of trouble for the past few years, seems to be spiraling.  Her father simply wants to help her, according to him.

In a cross country radio tour, Mr. Lohan insists that going to the press with information about his daughter's legal problems, alleged drug use and alcohol problem is a last resort and the only thing left he can do in order to keep her from harming herself. Several people, including Lindsay, her sister Ali, and her mother Dina whole heartedly disagree with Mr. Lohan's actions.  The rest of us are left to wonder whether or not Michael Lohan's reasons are noble or just another grab for attention, milking off his daughter's constant presence in the media.  Sure, he seemed sincere on Kraddick's morning show, but the press? Going completely public with something that is clearly a personal battle for Lindsay and the rest of her family?  It's not unreasonable to question his motives. is reporting that Lohan's father may try to take legal control and force an intervention on his daughter.  His lawyer, Lisa Bloom, spoke with The Early Show's "Insider" anchor Lara Spencer,

His biggest fear, Bloom says, is that Lindsay's addiction will kill her. As Bloom put it, he doesn't want his daughter to become another Hollywood statistic - another star to meet an early death after battling an addiction.

Whether or not Michael Lohan's latest attempts will be successful remain to be seen. 



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