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Lindsay Lohan ordered to serve 120 days jail

Lindsay Lohan ordered to serve 120 days jail

Linday Lohan gets 120 days in jail
Linday Lohan gets 120 days in jail
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Linday Lohan gets 120 days in jail
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San Francisco residents who follow celebrities and top news are learning today that Lindsay Lohan is now out of jail after she posted $75,000 in bail in what was described as a "roller coaster legal day" by

Lohan appeared before a judge in what was the fourth time in around a year and she was given a sentence of 120 days jailtime because she violated her probation when she took a designer necklace.

The judge in the case reduced Lohan's charge from one of grand theft to one of a misdemeanor.

Before the court closed, however, Lindsay Lohan's lawyer was able to file an appeal and that resulted in Lohan being allowed out on bail just a few hours later, says the BBC (

According to, Stephanie Sautner, the Superior Court Judge, stated that she thought Lohan had deliberately taken the necklace, valued at $2,500, from a Venice store and was guilty of poor judgment for not trying to hand the necklace back until the police were brought into the case.

Judge Sautner, did say, however, that the charge being reduced was normal in cases like Lohan's.

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Lohan was sentenced to do around 500 hours of community service, in addition to the jail time, according to Hollywood Reporter. Lohan was also sentenced to do 500 hours of community service which would include 300 hours spent at a woman's shelter and some time at the local county morgue.

Lohan's court appearances and bad behavior are having a negative effect on her trying to return to the limelight.

According to ABC News, one expert in the movie business has said Lohan's problems could end her chances to make a comeback.

"Lindsay cannot work for a studio right now," says David Poland of "She is untouchable for any major studio. So, the only work that's possible for her is a little cameo here."


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