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Lindsay Lohan miscarriage: Star reveals big secret during reality show

Lindsay Lohan
Photo by Araya Diaz

Lindsay Lohan has just revealed that she had a miscarriage while she was filming her OWN docu-series "Lindsay." On Monday, Hollywood Life shared about this shocking news that Lindsay let out last night. Fans had no idea and she was able to keep this a secret until she was ready to tell the world.

During filming of her show, reports came out that she wasn't showing up to work and was missing things. Nobody knew why but now Lindsay is revealing the real reason behind her not showing up to film. She actually had a miscarriage and that was enough to keep her away from work.

Lindsay shared that she cried a lot watching herself on the show. It has been hard on her. If she knew she wasn't capable of doing her job, she would tell them she couldn't work. She had a miscarriage during those two weeks that she took off work. Lindsay revealed that it is a very long story but she was sick and couldn't move. Of course it messed with her mentally as well.

She has been speaking out on her Twitter, but hasn't shared a word about this miscarriage. It has not been revealed who the father of her baby was but she did admit that her huge sex list was real so you never know who it might be. She did share that she is pretty sure she knows who leaked it and they are no longer a part of her life at all. Writing the list was all a part of her recovery but she didn't want the world to see it.

Last night was the big finale of "Lindsay" on OWN. There is no news about if this show will be coming back for season two or not. Fans of Lindsay Lohan would love to see more of her life on reality TV in the future.

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