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Lindsay Lohan miscarriage shocker: Why Lohan missed days on OWN set

Lindsay claims she had a miscarriage while filming her show on the OWN network.
Photo by Araya Diaz

Lindsay Lohan is known for being flaky. She shows up late to movie sets or doesn't show up at all. In Hollywood, her reputation precedes her and many stars and others in the industry won't work with the troubled starlet. That is not kept her off the set of her own OWN network reality series though. On Sunday evening during her reality show according to New York Daily News, Lindsay Lohan revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage while filming and that caused her to miss filming.

The news was given during Lohan's OWN network documentary series. When discussing why she missed weeks worth of work she just said it. Almost like she didn't mean to talk about a miscarriage or plan on revealing such a painful memory. Lindsay did not say who the father was or how far along she was. She just talked about how "immobilized" she was and how the traumatic experience affected her mentally.

Lindsay has been on a roller coaster during her documentary/reality series where she literally worked with Oprah Winfrey to realize some things about herself and to over come her issues with addiction. According to reports, even though the ratings are there, Lindsay Lohan's series will not return for a second season.

The final two episodes of the first and last season of "Lindsay" aired on Sunday evening. If it had not been for the bombshell miscarriage confession, the show would have ended without any pomp and circumstance. Fans were able to see the struggles of being incredibly famous with an addiction. What fans did not see is probably why Oprah Winfrey will not be bringing the show back. Fans did not see Lindsay Lohan getting her life back together and moving on to be successful again. Apparently that just isn't in the cards. At least not yet.

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