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Lindsay Lohan miscarriage revealed in tearful documentary finale

Lindsay Lohan revealed that she had a miscarriage, discussing the miscarriage briefly during the final episode of her documentary, “Lindsay,” on Sunday, USA Today reported on April 20.

Lindsay Lohan revealed that she had a miscarriage while filming her documentary.
Photo by Araya Diaz

The Lindsay Lohan miscarriage revelation came near the end of the special two-hour finale of the documentary on the OWN network. The Lindsay Lohan miscarriage was a shocking revelation as the actress discussed her thoughts on participating in the documentary and why at one point during shooting she inexplicably turned the cameras away. While her behavior seemed to smack of celebrity fickleness, it was really because of the miscarriage, Lohan revealed.

Before the Lindsay Lohan miscarriage was revealed, the documentary finale followed Lohan as she made various appearances, including a free appearance on “Billy the Street,” went to the Art Basel festival in Miami, and paid another visit to the Duffield Children’s Center in Brooklyn, where she’s performing mandated community service. The Lindsay Lohan finale also featured a trip to China for a fashion shoot and award, and an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Also up before the Lindsay Lohan miscarriage revelation was an appearance at Madison Square Garden for the Jingle Ball, where she introduced Miley Cyrus and appeared miffed that she couldn’t talk to the singer before introducing her on stage. Also in the final episode were meetings as her new feature movie, “Inconceivable” began to take shape, and the scandal over her leaked “sex list,” a list of sex partners she had inventoried as part of her rehab treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic.

Promo information on the OWN network hinted that some big news was coming during the finale, mentioning “shocking” information but clearly not giving away the Lindsay Lohan miscarriage revelation.

The information about the Lindsay Lohan miscarriage came near the emotional conclusion of the documentary finale. When asked about how she felt participating in the documentary, Lohan said that she cried many times while watching it.

In the shocking revelation, Lindsay Lohan got very emotional and said that she’d had a miscarriage while filming the documentary. Lohan said the miscarriage was the reason she refused filming for two weeks during the documentary, stating that she “couldn’t move” because of dealing with the miscarriage. Lohan said that she was sick physically and mentally after the miscarriage.

Lohan didn’t offer more details about the miscarriage or say who the father of the unborn baby was. The documentary moved on, concluding with Lohan noting that her addiction is a scary disease to manage but that she is happy and looking forward to beginning shooting on her upcoming film.

There was no immediate word on the Lindsay Lohan Twitter account or her Facebook page about the Lohan miscarriage.

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