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Lindsay Lohan has some supporters in her corner, but a bra isn't one of them

Among all the mess that is Lindsay Lohan’s life at the moment, the 26 year-old actress does have her share of cheerleaders. Charlie Sheen, for one, just forked over six figures towards her tax debt. Lady Gaga gave her a shout out and actually praised her much aligned work in “Liz & Dick”, where the star showed up for the premiere with her breasts on full display. Hollywood Life is backing up the actress today, with reports that her most recent brush with the law may in fact have been a scam. An observer of the event came forward to say that the alleged victim, Florida fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell, was “laughing” after the alleged assault. That fact, combined with the lack of physical evidence of any injuries, does lend credence to father Michael Lohan’s claims that Mitchell is just out for a quick payday. Even if she never files a lawsuit or recovers a penny from Lindsay Lohan, she’s managed to get her name out there.

Lindsay Lohan's ample bosom on display, the 'Mean Girls' actress sure has some mean girls!

“… a lot more was made out to have happened then actually did. I think it was all blown out of proportion. [Tiffany] had no bruises, she wasn’t hurt. She stood outside laughing with her friends afterwards!”, said a source.

Reports allege that Lindsay Lohan and Tiffany Mitchell were both trying to flirt with Max George of “The Wanted”, when a “cat fight” broke out and Lindsay punched Tiffany.

Lindsay’s own dad Michael Lohan has been vocal about his support of his daughter, revealing to Entertainmentwise that, “he has hired a private detective to investigate Tiffany, as he believes her story isn’t true”.

The supposed victim has been notably absent from the public eye, perhaps having already accomplished what she set out to do.

Lindsay is facing jail time over this “alleged” assault charge, as well as for lying about being the driver in her June auto crash in Santa Monica.


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