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Lindsay Lohan gets drenched by Jimmy Fallon

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TODAY reports on March 7 that Lindsay Lohan made quite the splash on the Tonight Show. Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon decided to go against one another in a game of Water War. Water War puts a spin on the classic card game War, making it involve throwing water at the person whose card is lower. Ultimately Lindsay Lohan was the winner after winning all but one round. During the first round Jimmy Fallon pulled an 8 to Lindsay’s 7. He was hesitant to throw water on the young actress but she kept yelling for him to “Just get it over with.” Before he threw the ice cold water at her he told her “you must know I love you!” However, after the next 4 rounds Jimmy Fallon left the stage soaked from head to toe.

Jimmy Fallon was wondering how everything went in her favor for the last 4 rounds. Lindsay Lohan had a simple explanation for her luck, “I have O on my side.” The “O” stands for Oprah Winfrey. But Lindsay didn’t stop by the show to drench Jimmy Fallon; she stopped by to promote her reality series that premieres on OWN this upcoming Sunday.

CBS News reported on March 7 that Lindsay Lohan mentioned to Jimmy Fallon that there might be a Mean Girls reunion. Back stage of the Tonight Show Lindsay ran into Tina Fey who co-wrote the screen play Mean Girls with Lohan. Mean Girls hit theaters in April of 2004. Fey told Lindsay that she has been talking to Lorne Michaels from NBC about possibly setting something up. Lindsay Lohan expressed her excitement about the possible reunion and added “this needs to happen.”