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Lindsay Lohan gets 90 days and a chance to contemplate her nails and future in jail


AP Photo Lohan in court painted nails speaking volumes.

"90 Days Lindsay! When your hot your hot!"

To paraphrase a Jerry Reed song, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan got the same sentence from Judge Marsha Revel in a Los Angeles courtroom. The talented 24 year-old actress has been battling everything from drugs to alcohol to court imposed discipline. This time the judge finally got fed up and gave her three consecutive 30-day jail sentences followed by mandatory counseling and classes. Her feelings may have been expressed by the profanity believed written on her fingernails. Lindsay has since said it wasn't directed at the judge but was a joke. She could be heard audibly sobbing in court.

Lohan might end up doing only a few days in jail which is up to the discretion of the Los Angeles County Sheriff, Lee Baca. Remember Paris Hilton? The other bad girl did a short turnaround. Whatever happens Lohan will be kept away from other inmates.

While some may argue this means special treatment, it is only prudent. The county doesn't want a high profile lawsuit should an actress of Lohan's stature be raped by female gangs trying to make a reputation. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

Lohan's career is far from over with this latest debacle. She is due to star in a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace (Deep Throat) which may be pushed back due to the jail term and treatment to follow. So was the sobbing real or is this actress really that good?

"I don't live inside her and I'm not sure how sincere the sobbing was but when most addicts are confronted with the stark reality in brutal ways they have a difficult time confronting reality," said media expert and Hollywood publicist Michael Levine. "It is almost a militant unwillingness to confront reality and they are walking around the planet escorted by money and fame thinking the traffic lights don't apply to them but just to other people."

Levine who has had several hundred clients during his Hollywood career has just about seen it all.

"When they get that stark emotional slap in the face it feels like a 9-11 moment for them, and for them it really is," he added. "I don't think she's done though. Everyone talks about the recovery of Robert Downey Jr., but the rate of recidivism for addicts is high."

If you are a betting person however, Levine says betting on an addict to stay sober in Hollywood is a bad bet.

"But we'll have to wait and see."

Hollywood is filled with bad boys and girls gone over the edge and who have returned. Some have stayed over the edge. Successes include Robert Mitchum and Downey Jr. Works in progress include Charlie Sheen.


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