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Lindsay Lohan drops miscarriage bomb on series finale of 'Lindsay'

Lindsay Lohan
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Fans have been watching “Lindsay” on the OWN network for eight weeks now. The final episode aired last night and what Lindsay Lohan had to say during the reflection portion shocked fans. The docu-series followed Lohan around while she was finding a place to live, trying to get her career revived, and dealing with sobriety. According to an April 20 report from TMZ, Lindsay Lohan revealed she had a miscarriage while filming the show, which is why she was having a difficult time shooting during a two week span. Fans are stunned after hearing the news from Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan did not elaborate on the miscarriage when talking about in on “Lindsay.” Speculations have been swirling about who the father could be since he was not named by Lohan. There are several critics out there calling Lohan's bluff, and many believe this was just another one of her excuses for blowing off work. While it isn't entirely impossible, it seems unlikely that this was just a story made up to save face.

The Twitter feed for Lindsay Lohan has a lot of chatter about the finale of “Lindsay.” Most of it is focused on the announcement of Lohan's miscarriage. There are people that are supportive of the grief suffered, while others are bashing her way of telling the world. If this was what really happened to Lohan while filming, the crew definitely could have cut her a break without making her look bad in the process.

There is no word on where Lindsay Lohan is headed next. The docu-series is over and there are no plans to do any more filming for the OWN network. Fans are hoping that Lohan will continue on the path to sobriety and be able to reboot her career in the near future. It took a lot of courage to talk about the miscarriage, especially because it is such a painful thing to endure.

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