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Lindsay Lohan could be moving again

According to Web Pro News on June 1, Lindsay Lohan is (maybe) moving to London. The star has had quite a turbulent year or two from jail time to rehab to moving from California to New York City. Sources close to her claim that she has been considering moving to London for some time.

She is hoping to re-brand herself as a actress and a woman.
Photo by Araya Diaz

Due to her problems with substance abuse and difficulty keeping her commitments, it has made finding work difficult in New York City. (Let's face it, after six times in rehab, people start losing faith you can actually get your act together.) According to the sources, she has began to start to look for work in London.

She has made the news recently not only for the sources close to her reporting her potential move to London but for pictures of her partying late at night in London. As of now, there have been no pictures of her drinking. She stated on the hit OWN reality TV show, 'Lindsay', that she loves to go out and dance. She misses it, greatly.

She is hoping that England will give her the freedom to re-brand herself as a woman and an actress, and create a new life for herself. While filming the OWN show, 'Lindsay', she revealed she had suffered a miscarriage. According to sources close to her, she is still struggling to heal emotionally and physically from the experience.

She seems to be enjoying her new life in England. She has posted to Twitter pictures of her exercising in the park and of her partying at night. She does not seem to have relapsed, yet; however, she may just being careful about what she allows the media to know.

It has not been confirmed by Lohan she is indeed moving to London, but it does look to be a likely possibility. Do you think Lindsay can change? What are her changes of staying clean?

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