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Lindsay Lohan claims she had miscarriage: Odd reveal with strange presentation?

Lindsay Lohan claims in her final episode of "Lindsay" that she suffered a miscarriage and that is why she had to miss a couple of weeks of filming this reality series. “It’s a very long story” said the former Disney kid in what looked like an effort to ward off any questions on the subject. According to TMZ on April 20, Lindsay "dropped this bombshell" during her reality show on the OWN network on Sunday night.

Lindsay Lohan claims to have had a miscarriage.
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

She never elaborated on the relationship, if any, that her failed pregnancy had emerged from. She never even referred to being pregnant or possibly being a mother. She addressed her he miscarriage much like she was addressing another event in her life.

According to CNN News on April 21, Lohan said that a miscarriage mentally "messes with you." But she didn't say that it mentally messed with her. She addressed this miscarriage in a very odd way, almost as if she were an author writing about it, not like someone who had experienced this. The "Lindsay" series followed the 27-year-old star as she tried to make a come-back after years of disappointing behaviors mostly fueled by substance abuse and addiction.

She blames a lot on her addiction. It is almost as if she’s learned the word "addiction" as a catch-all word for anything that’s gone wrong in her life. Lohan’s inconsistency when it came to showing up for work was what one episode's story plot touched on. This reveal of a miscarriage was meant to explain those inconsistencies. She said after the miscarriage she was sick and she couldn’t move. Mentally she was also in a place that wasn’t very good.

Lohan never offered up what finally got her out of bed and moving. She never commented on the loss of a baby. The miscarriage reveal didn't touch on any emotions due to loss. Other than calling the incident a miscarriage, it is hard to read Lindsay, but she seemed to disconnect the miscarriage with actually being pregnant. You can watch her reveal in the video clip above.

It is hard to take Lindsay at face value, she is not making the best eye contact while disclosing “this very long story” of her miscarriage. She doesn’t talk about this sad incident in her life as most expectant mothers would. There is also something missing from Lindsay’s presentation when she talks about watching herself on the show and seeing a girl in trouble, which is her.

She said about watching her show:

“I cried so many times watching it. Watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment, and I can relate to that girl. Like, 'Oh my God, this is really sad. Who's helping her?' ... There was a lot going on in my life then."

If Lindsay really did have a miscarriage then it is sad to see this happen to the struggling actress. If she didn’t and for some reason is using this as an excuse to smooth over her unpredictable work ethics, than that too is sad.

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