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Lindsay Lohan calling her sentence 'cruel and unusual punishment?' Seems that way.


Lindsay Lohan not looking her finest.

Ahh, Twitter. The celebrity's favorite medium to address the public. However, most celebs have the common sense to not sound like a crazy person spewing off at the mouth about recent developments involving jail time. Then again, we're talking about Lindsay Lohan.

The starlet's latest Twitter feed (set to a background of a picture of a giant white buffalo and a little girl? Yes. Yes, that's what that is. Awesome?) shows her quoting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5. In case you were unaware, that would be the one talking about "cruel and unusual punishment."

Emily Prickett from Lexington doesn't agree, "Cruel and unusual is being tarred and feathered. She's getting off easy after all the antics she's pulled."

Lohan also has tweets talking to other people about how the "F**k U" stenciled on to her nails was "just a joke" and not intended as a slap in the face to the court. Of course, all of this came after word started getting around that she might be held in contempt of court for the sneaky little move. is reporting that a probation report released on Wednesday listed a slew of drugs the young star was taking , including everything from Dilaudid (for her "dental discomfort?") to Nexium (for heartburn.) Regardless of what Lohan happens to be ingesting, it's not a secret that she needs help. Whether or not it's going to take jail time (what little she'll actually have to complete) or rehab to fix it is still up in the air.



  • Beanie 5 years ago

    Cruel and Unusual is what she has subjected the public to since she started "acting". Given the choice, I would've rather spent 22 days in jail then have had Herbie: Fully Loaded unleashed upon the world.

  • Scott 5 years ago

    I'm not familiar with Emily Prickett: who is she?

    Is the photo an AP photo?

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