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Lindsay Lohan blames 'Lindsay' docu-series for slow career revival

Lindsay Lohan
Photo by Theo Wargo/NBC

Lindsay Lohan has experienced a rough couple of years. From rehab stints to a criminal record, Lohan was on a fast downward spiral. In an attempt to rebuild her career, Lohan decided to film a docu-series that would air on the OWN network. According to an April 8 report from RadarOnline, Lindsay Lohan blames the reality show for doing more damage to her image and career. Fans who have been following “Lindsay” disagree with Lohan blaming the production company and feel like she should accept responsibility for her actions.

When Lindsay Lohan decided to film the docu-series, she was freshly out of rehab. Between moving from Los Angeles back to New York and having a camera crew in her face all day long, Lohan was becoming frustrated. Fans who have watched “Lindsay” experienced the diva side of Lohan when she threw fits and absolutely refused to film on several occasions. According to a New York Daily News report, Lindsay Lohan admitted to a relapse on the most recent episode of “Lindsay.”

Over the course of the last year there have been several tabloid reports about Lindsay Lohan and her lack of respect for work. Lohan wanted to rebuild her image and eventually have steady work. While it is possible that the docu-series didn't help Lohan's cause, the light she was shown is was all her doing. The lack of responsibility for her actions has landed Lindsay Lohan in hot water over the course of the last decade and if she doesn't learn soon, things won't change.

There are still several episodes of “Lindsay” that have yet to air. Fans aren't sure how the rest of the season will turn out, but hope for the best for Lindsay Lohan. If Lohan continues to stay on a path of sobriety there is no doubt that once again she will have a successful career.

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