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Lindsey Jacobellis adopted dog: Stray dog adopted by Olympian in Sochi

Lindsay Jacobellis and her new pup
Lindsay Jacobellis and her new pup
Lindsay Jacobellis / InstaGram

Olympian Lindsey Jacobellis adopted a dog in Sochi. On Feb. 18, Huffington Post reported that the snowboarder from Team U.S.A. couldn't resist giving one of the homeless puppies some love -- and she booked him a ticket back to The States with her. Many people visiting Sochi have been trying to raise awareness about the stray dogs and it's so nice to see that people are saving these animals.

"Russia reportedly ordered the extermination of hundreds of stray dogs in the Olympic Village before the games, according to the New York Times. Shelters were set up, and good Samaritans have been trying to rescue the animals" (Huffington Post).

Lindsey Jacobellis adopted the dog just days after a fellow Olympian adopted not one but five dogs. Skier Gus Kenworthy has already made headlines for his big heart. He fell in love with four puppies and their mom and plans to find them good homes when he returns home himself. He did say that he would like to keep one of the puppies for himself too -- which is totally awesome.

The stray dog situation is very serious in Sochi but some of these pups will find forever homes and will be given better lives thanks to a few kind-hearted people.

Lindsey Jacobellis' adopted dog will join her Yorkie, Gidget, back in Connecticut soon.

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