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Lindo Mexico Embodies Latino Beauty

Color bursts out of every corner of Lindo Mexico.
Color bursts out of every corner of Lindo Mexico.
Nathan Caldwell

Color is often equated to beauty. This could be opined about Lindo Mexico, a Mexican restaurant on Sagamore Parkway in Lafayette. Latino color bursts out from every corner of this establishment, complete with Mexican style carvings, and colorful tabletops. The carvings come from

Lindo Mexico’s story may seem as colorful as its décor. Ignacio Bravo, already involved in the restaurant business in Crawfordsville, called his brother Juan, and lured him from Los Angeles, as he needed help managing his new restaurant in Lafayette. Originally named Little Mexico, this new establishment became very successful, and a new location was opened in Greenwood. Juan and Ignacio’s brother Oswaldo moved to Lafayette from Los Angeles and helped manage the Lafayette location, until Juan left to manage the Greenwood restaurant. Ignacio sold his shares in the business to Juan and Oswaldo, who now own and operate each location.

The beer served here ranges from Mexican to American, with some notable craft brew included. A tasty Latino option is the Chelada, which is professionally mixed at the bar. The bar also features a variety of daiquiris and margaritas that only add to the boundless color leaping out to meet the eye.

Color began this story, and it is also how it concludes. The aforementioned carvings are of scenes from Guadalajara Jalisco. Jalisco is the home state of the Bravo family. Through viewing these carvings and tasting fine Latino fare and drink, patrons are privy to a tale of hard work and triumph.