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Linda Vista goes to work on complete transportation network

Car paths cover Linda Vista. A civil and traffic engineer hired by the CIty of San Diego will work on a plan to make the streets fit for all transportation modes with the community.

The hired expert will hold two public workshops to learn from the locals the pedestrian hot spots and high bicycle activity areas, and, design a new transportation network that links the walking and bicycling areas in Linda Vista, and connects Linda Vista to nearby communities. Public transit options built into the network will give the locals opportunities for traveling past typical travel limits.

One main goal for the complete transportation strategy is to keep all transportation modes--walking, bicycling, public transit and driving--active. Maps the city's engineer draws up with locals, using both the city's Bicycle Master Plan and its Pedestrian Master Plan, will connect home streets to employment centers, shopping, and parks and libraries. And, lay out the paths with public transportation that can take locals out of Linda Vista.

The Linda Vista Planning Group will lead public outreach. At the first public workshop the engineer holds, locals will help decide the walking and bicycling areas to link into a network, and set project priorities. The second workshop will give locals the opportunity to give feedback on the draft transportation strategy the city's consultant writes. The rough plan will show the planned street type layout--a network of boulevards, main streets, green streets,, and bicycle corridors. Linda Vista will have a final strategy and a map of the entire network by January 1st in 2017.

The project work is funded by a SANDAG grant awarded in 2012.

Safety for walkers and bicyclists gives locals a priority to focus on during the modern transportation strategy meetings. The engineer will travel on foot, or by bike, to lead a walk and bike streets audit, and, talk to locals at shopping locations to learn transportation needs and barriers that a strategy group can work on.

The old auto dominate Linda Vista streets are set to thin out once the city has taken action on the complete transportation strategy. The plan is to make the strategy a typical one in San Diego. City officials ordered the consultant to develop a framework for all modes transportation other communities can use. The city counts on getting professional recommendations for changes to San DIego's old transportation policies.

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