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Linda Jacobsen talks about Global CD Project, “Satellite Symphony.”

Nashville, TN

These are photographs of all the singer/songwriters artist/participants of the Global CD Project, Satellite Symphony.
CD Cover

We had to do the interview via Google Video Chat because Linda Jacobsen lives near Amsterdam and considering the situation, it went quite well. Linda is the project manager for the CD project that happens to be Global in nature. They call this project, “Satellite Symphony,” which represents the nature of the project. The artwork reflects that as well with a planet on the CD cover.

I got to speak with Linda about this really cool project and this is what she had to say:

Q: Okay, so tell me about this project? Originally somebody else contacted me?

A: That was Pattie. We are a group of 12 musicians and we are being trained by Tom Hess to get a career in music. This was a project to learn how to make a CD. So every one of us wrote a song, recorded a song and had it mixed and we all sent it to one mastering company. We were making this whole CD together from across the world so like people in America and some in Europe. That’s not the whole world actually but.

Q: That’s a good chunk of it. Now when you say that you all got together, are all the songs all co-writes or did you each write a song by yourself to put on the album?

A: Yes, each of us wrote a song by ourselves. One song is from the public domain but the rest of the songs are original songs we wrote ourselves. Nobody met in person for this project. The guitarist on my song is from the United States. He is a good player and so there was some cooperation in the songs as well but mostly it has been done individually.

Q: That’s so cool. So basically what you are saying is that even though you wrote the song yourself, musicians were brought in from all over?

A: Yes, exactly.

Q: So then where they lived, they recorded their part and then it got emailed to your co-producer?

A: Yeah, exactly.

Q: Oh, that’s very cool. This is unique. What you are doing has happened in the past because we’ve actually done that, contracted different musicians to play this piece or that piece for us and put it on an album. But you guys are doing it globally. You have taken it to a whole other level. You are doing it across the world and internationally.

A: Yeah, exactly. It was really cool and it was a very good experience for all of us to get to know how the process goes from writing to distributing.

Q: What is the name of the album?

A: Satellite Symphony, Volume 1.

Q: That’s so cool. That’s a good name for it considering how it has gotten created.

A: Yeah, have you seen the cover?

Q: I will have to double check.

A: I might have sent it to you.

Q: Are you in Amsterdam?

A: I am an hour away from there.

Q: How many songs are on the CD?

A: There are 12. We got sponsors and we have distributed almost all 5000 we had pressed and we are thinking about doing another 5000.

Q: Where can people get this CD?

A: On our website at and it is being distributed for free. I don’t know how it is with shipping cost. I know they can get it digital because we are distributing it to music stores and other things like that physically and also at our gigs. I think if somebody from Asia for example wants one he can download a digital one.

Q: The purpose of having a hard copy of any CD is for autographs. As far as radio stations and people like that, they only need a digital download. Linda, how long have you been writing?

A: I started writing the song in October and it was finished by November. The production is pretty big because I wrote it and then I worked on it with a friend I am co-producing it with and then we sent it off to Los Angeles. This person put a whole orchestra behind my song. I gave her a few ideas of the strings I would like to have and then she made this whole orchestra so it became a really cool song. It is like pop film music so it’s pretty. It was actually our first time working together on a project of mine as well. But that turned out really well so we are actually collaborating more right now.

Q: What is the name of your song on the album?

A: Your Vibe is a Spell. It was on the radio a few days ago and we are distributing it to radio stations.

Q: Do you have a promotional team?

A: It’s all us and Patti is kind of like the promotional team. She has been doing a lot of that. We share ideas on the forum and do emails with each other.

Q: When was this CD released?

A: It was released in June. We are discussing how we can distribute another 5000 for free without having to put in money ourselves because for the most part, the first 5000 was out of our wallets. We are in contact with an organization that promotes clean drinking water.

Q: I love that. It is so important and people don’t realize that not everywhere in this world there is clean drinking water for people.

A: Exactly, so we are trying to get exposure for them as well.

I wanted to hear from all the songwriters that were part of this project. I asked for a quote from them about what this project meant them. Here are their responses:

Adam Lynch – “Working on this project has been a very exciting experience for me! I've learned so much from all the twelve musicians that I worked with here. I'm honored to have been a part of something as big as this and I look forward to the opportunities this project will bring in the future!”

Adam Meachem – “The Satellite Symphony project has really meant a lot to me. Being my first release, I wrote a composition that was an expression of my connection to my roots, and a bridge to my future.
Technically this particular piece has been in the works for over 15 years, I wrote the first half of the song when I was just starting to explore the guitar, and the movement after the drum interlude is a brand new piece I wrote to signify my exploration of new modern techniques that have opened up a universe of possibilities. Everyone involved had a job; I was the art director for the album cover art. Working with our group, and the digital artist Chris Van der Linden, we created something very beautiful, appealing, and useful! When you open the CD case you are greeted with all the musicians’ names and information, and track credits, from all around the world!”

Andre Lyles – “This compilation CD has several beautifully gifted individuals from all around the world! Pumped for its worldwide release!

Jesse FroebelBeing a part of Satellite Symphony Volume 1 has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my musical life. It’s opened up a whole new world of expressiveness and creativity that had remained un-tapped within me. It’s a privilege to be in league with the highly motivated and artistic songwriters who’ve made this compilation a reality.” – Jesse Froebel

Jere Toikka – “This project has really been an awesome experience for me. Song of Babylon is a rather personal song to me and it has been fulfilling to make it along with my band into a professionally recorded jazz song. The song is about regret and thus has a melancholy feeling to it, although in its instrumental form it may bring different feelings to different people. I am looking forward in the future to share with my fans this piece with vocals also.”

Linda Jacobsen – “This is such a special project in many ways. For me personally it is my first total pro made recording of my music, and it gives me a lot of energy, confidence and joy. To take on this challenge has been so invaluable and I am proud that we did it. I've learned so much about the whole process of making an album, and it makes me feel so confident and that I'm already working on my debut album! I'm on fire!

Lutz Richter – “I enjoyed this project and learned a lot about the process of a release, which is very important for me. This is my first real release (just did demos before)... very exciting, it feels great and encouraged me to not procrastinate the work on my debut album any longer.”

Michael Garza – “I’m extremely thankful to be a part of Satellite Symphony. The group has been supportive, motivating, and inspirational and I now understand the importance of being surrounded by good people with similar goals. I look forward to helping put together the next volume.”

Pattie Olson – “This Compilation CD has been a very rewarding experience - not only musically and personally, but more so, about being part of a project much larger than myself. Twelve extremely talented people from around the world, who have never met in person, participated in a project, where its whole is much larger than the sum of its parts. It’s emotionally overwhelming to be part of such a special project like this.”

Sean David – “I absolutely loved working on this project! Over and above the obvious benefits of having my music listed on a tangible compilation CD, I learnt a ton about the inner-workings of an album, from creation to distribution and shared the experience with 12 other fine musicians which I am lucky enough to now call my friends. What an absolutely rewarding experience!”

Torsten Borg – “Awesome project that I’ll never forget!'

Susan McGee – “My business music education, under the guidance of Tom Hess, with the cooperation of our fabulous musician team members, has pushed my confidence level sky high, actually higher than that, to the moon.”

We spoke a little bit more about the music business and the process of songwriting, recording, missing and mastering and distribution. You can scroll through the slideshow to see the different writers on the project. Check out Satellite Symphony at their website and download your free digital copy today.

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