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Linda Harvey: "Gay-stapo" is bullying & corrupting children

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In a March 26, 2014 column for BarbWire, Mission America head Linda Harvey claims that LGBT rights groups and "vicious homosexual bloggers" are the real bullies.

It's one of the American Taliban's favorite ploys: Insisting that the LGBT community is bullying Christians by not permitting themselves to be bullied.

It's as dumb and flimsy now as it was when they first started peddling this crap, but the fact that it fell apart on them the first two million times they tried to hide behind it clearly has not deterred them from trying again.

The Human Rights Campaign now says RFRA bills are a "license to discriminate." That’s their take on the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for millions of Americans.

It's essentially a declaration of war.

First Amendment rights shouldn’t be controversial. What’s astounding is the notion that "gay" behavior must be honored by force if necessary, even as marriage.

Or as respectable identities for children. But "anti-bullying" policies are now perceived as essential in public schools nationwide and are often a cover for mandated "LGBT" indoctrination and suppression of any objections.

Harvey also attempts, with this statement, to breathe life into the American Taliban's other favorite shallow ploy: Pretending that it's a violation of free speech to have an opinion unlike their own.

It never has been, and never will be, a violation of free speech to stand up for yourself, no matter how much Harvey and her cohorts kick and scream to the contrary.



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