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Linda Harvey attacks anti-bullying day of silence for 'dishonoring God'

Linda Harvey
Linda Harvey
Youtube / LindaHarveyMA

During her April 7, 2014 radio bulletin, Linda Harvey urged her listeners to keep their kids home from school on April 11, the Day of Silence.

The Day of Silence is an annual student-led action event sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Networks (GLSEN), in which thousands of students will pledge to remain silent for all or part of the day to call attention to the harassment and discrimination faced by the LGBT community.

Harvey, a noted American Taliban conspiracy theorist, is warning that students will, on this day, encounter the "pro-homosexual propaganda" and face other students "recruiting" them.

Because of alarming and deceptive messages surrounding the Day of Silence, many Christian groups — Mission America included — are urging parents to keep your children home from school that day unless you have assurances that the school is not bending its rules. Some schools allow student organizers to widely promote the Day of Silence and homosexuality while recruiting others to participate. Here's why I say it's deceptive: the Day of Silence is sadly a day of pro-homosexual propaganda in schools.

Students pledge to remain silent all day in order to protest what they believe has been the silencing of homosexuals and bullying that isn’t being punished, those who choose to be homosexual or switch genders are the victims and we're all bullies or potential bullies if we don’t accept this premise. But we should not accept this premise because it wrongly communicates that homosexuality is honorable and respectable and that it's inborn like race. But that's not true. No one, especially young people, should take on this identity and behavior. It's a high-risk life that dishonors God and the way He created us.

This demonstrates, not only that Linda Harvey believes in the usual nonsense that not allowing her to discriminate against gays is discriminatory against Christians, but that she's even too stupid to know what silence is.

The whole point of the day is to call attention to the fact that members of the LGBT community are often either too afraid, or outright forbidden, to speak, while bigots and blowhards like Linda Harvey are free to shoot off their mouth, regardless of their factual accuracy, or even their sanity.

With these statements, all Harvey has sufficed to do is render the Day of Silence further validated.

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