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Linda & Cecil Yancy are proud of their 'Memphis!'

Yancy & Yancy and the Good'Uns
Yancy & Yancy and the Good'Uns
Yancy & Yancy and the Good'Uns

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet, or listen to the music of Linda and Cecil Yancy of the Boomer Americana music group "Yancy & Yancy and the Good'Uns," then you have missed a blessing.

Linda and Cecil Yancy
Yancy & Yancy

Linda and Cecil are proud to call Memphis, Tennessee their home and they take advantage of every opportunity to let others know about the city and its people. They even devote their website to the music and people of Memphis. For a look at what they do, and to listen to some of their music, visit them online at Yancy & Yancy.

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