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Lincoln Durham brings his travelling gospel to Atlanta

Lincoln Durham
Lincoln Durham
Lincoln Durham

This Tuesday night if you do not find a way to get out of the house and down to the EARL you are doing yourself a true disservice. The hallowed halls of the legendary music joint will play host to Mr. Lincoln Durham one of the finest song writers to roll through town. To complete the night of music Little Hurricane will be joining him on stage. This should be one damn fine night of music.

Calling the road his home, Lincoln Durham is part tent revival preacher part turn of the century blues man and part carny huckster. His songs are deep and dark loaded with imagery of death and despair. The debut album The Shovel vs. the Howling Bones opened the door to Durham’s world of bad decisions with his growling voice – think Howling Wolf – and original musical accompaniment. He has followed that up with Exodus of the Deemed Unrighteous another collection of Southern Gothic music that emotionally involves listeners leaving them feeling dirty and mentally drained at the end. Tuesday night at the EARL all in attendance will get to hear and feel these songs in person as the power of Durham’s live performance takes over their beings. Live is where his music comes to life as Durham throws everything he has into each story. Durham welcomes the audience into his world sending them home drained and weary but wanting more.

Sharing the stage this evening will be San Diego’s Little Hurricane. Offering up chunky blues infused rock music this duo packs one hell of a punch. Following the mantra less is more their music focuses on the vocal harmonies and contrasts of Tone & CC. The accompanying music perfectly frames their voices giving everything more depth and a bit more strength. Look for a set list loaded with tunes from their record Gold Fever and possibly a song or two by someone else, they are known for tossing out a few choice covers. Their tunes are the perfect compliment to Durham's.

While Tuesday night may not be the most opportune time to spend a night out on the town you can never put a schedule on listening to good live music. If you dig good tunes and want to experience something more than your average rock show make your way down to the EARL trust me you will not be disappointed, and if you see me there feel free to say hello.

WHO: Lincoln Durham & Little Hurricane
WHEN: Tuesday May 20th, 8:30pm