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Lincoln Brewster recording new album


Worship Leader Lincoln Brewster is recording a new album.

Christian Worship Leader and Recording Artist Lincoln Brewster has announced that he and his band have entered the studio to work on a new album. This is exciting news to worshippers everywhere, for Brewster’s albums are always filled with heart-felt worship anthems and top notch musicianship. For those unfamiliar with Brewster’s work, here is another short bio:

Lincoln Brewster, an Alaskan native, has been considered a child prodigy on guitar since the age of seven. His mother nurtured his talent and pushed him further in his musical development, even performing in bands with her son. 
He received a recording contract by the age of 19, and at the same time he began to feel God calling him to work, but says “I was afraid to lay down a lot of things in my life.” He finally decided, with the help of his future wife Cheryl, to work for God and turned down the recording contract. He then received a phone call and accepted the offer to become the lead guitarist on the upcoming album for Steve Perry, former lead singer of Journey. While touring with Perry, he began to watch the people in the crowd and realized that he needed to offer more than “just an entertaining show”, so he decided to leave his secular music career and began to do praise and worship at his church.
After a while he received a Christian Music recording contract and began to record albums and even toured with Christian Music giant Michael W. Smith. He has released four studio albums, one greatest hits album, and a live album – all to critical acclaim and fantastic sales.
His self-titled debut, released in 1999, is an often overlooked gem that has great guitar work, fantastic worship lyrics, and includes the songs “He’s All I Need”, “Broken”, and the now classic “Spin”. His second album “Live to Worship” includes “You Alone”, “Secret Place”, and the beautiful “Psalm 91”.
Amazed, released in 2002 is considered his breakthrough album and includes the classics “Everybody Praise the Lord”, “All I Really Want”, and “King of Majesty”.
He followed that up with one of his best albums, “All To You…Live”.  This album is a live worship concert recording of Brewster at his home church Bayside, in California. It really captures the essence of Brewster’s music and live experience of leading a crowd to total worship. Highlights are “Love the Lord”, “Surrender”, and “Another Hallelujah”, a beautiful version of the Leonard Cohen classic – however with new, composer approved lyrics written by Brewster.
Today is the Day is a collection of 10 amazing worship songs, including “Today is the Day” and “God You Reign”.  
Brewster also has instructional DVD’s and continues to lead worship at Bayside when he is not touring.  All albums are available for download at iTunes, and most are available in your local music store and Christian Book Stores.


  • luisa 5 years ago

    Very talented young man who is using his talent to spread the Word to young and old. Thanks for sharing his talent with us.

  • ism 5 years ago

    If he was a pop singer, he would be famous now, but to his credit he has stuck to his chosen field of music. He is to be commended.

  • juice 5 years ago

    I agree with ism. If he was in mainstream he would be huge, but he is doing it all for the love of God and the love of music

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