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Lincoln Area Homeschoolers wrap up Second Annual International Jamboree

Some of the Jamboree Attendants at Pioneer's Park
Some of the Jamboree Attendants at Pioneer's Park
Mike Kurylo

Homeschoolers from around the world arrived back home today following a wonderful week of homeschooling fun and attachment parenting socializing.  The homeschoolers met online over an AP Homeschooling list and became fast friends.  This year marks the second annual Jamboree held just outside Lincoln Nebraska, in the small town of Hickman.  Attendees camped out on floors, air mattresses, tents in the back yard and in local hotels.   Field trips were organized to Morrill Hall, Pioneer's Park Nature Center, Lincoln Children's Zoo, The Children's Museum, the State Capitol Building, the Sunken Gardens, local playgrounds and local lakes where participants searched for ( and found ) fossils.  An Atlatl throwing lesson was thoroughly enjoyed by all however the balloon "ducks" were rarely in any danger!

Many of the attendees had not previously met each other in real life, having only an online relationship up to that point, but found an instant bond.  Parenting stories were shared, curriculum swapped, children played together, rode bikes, played Wii, card games, computer games, much tea was consumed and cookies, chocolate and pasta.  The nights were long and conversations rarely slowed.  Fast friends were made and email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses were written down and taken to heart. 

As the Jamboree wound down and everyone started to head back home thoughts were already turning towards next year's gathering.  Mark your calendars!


  • Profile picture of Alicia Bayer
    Alicia Bayer 4 years ago

    We had such a fabulous time! Can't wait till next year. :)

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    It all looked such fun!!! (Love the pic of you in Pioneers Park... you look like a giant :) The kids all seem to have a fantastic time, learning along the way. Fab!!!

  • Kim 4 years ago

    We will definitely do this again! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality!

  • Esmerlda27 4 years ago

    How very neat! I was just in Nebraska visiting family. I have visited many of the places you mention – some as a child and some with my children!

  • M. Justice 4 years ago

    Wow!!! You all looked like you had so much fun! I wish I had kids so I could join the festivities!

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