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Lina Misitzis and her thousand love letters to Brooklyn

Lina Misitzis
Lina Misitzis
Valeda Stull

San Francisco’s population is continuing to explode by the thousands with an influx of creative young people who want to be part of whatever it is that is going on here. Who they are? Well, hard as it is to generalize, it is easy to spot the glints of gold among the rush.

Lina Misitzis is new to the Bay Area, works in San Francisco and is just the kind of boost that any city would be happy to have. She is intelligent, talented, creative, insightful, hard working, funny, open-hearted and minded and with endless personal charisma. She has a fortunate multi-cultural background and a laugh that freshens the air around her, so listening to her tell her story in her own words and voice is a special treat.

Born to Greek immigrants, Lina grew up in Virginia with, as she says, its combination of troubled history and pride; slavery was not described, but every field trip was to either a battlefield or a plantation. Her ability to straddle two hugely varied cultures and with Greek as her first language, she was the interpreter for her mother at the grocery store, a powerful position for a child. She went to a good college in Richmond with the goal of leaving. How she ended up in New York City (yes, she followed a boyfriend there) is a delightful salute to the ease with which those who are willing can amble into new territory.

She chose Pratt for its creative writing program, writing with the intention of its being on film, television or radio. She was aware early of being a gifted writer and spent hours at creative non-fiction, which is exactly how she talks about her own life, creative non-fiction. She worked at SNL and The Rachel Maddow Show and more work in television that preceded her radio career.

From there she went to Brooklyn, another facet of her life told as only Lina could with a charming, serious atypical slant, and this unexpected perspective is where Lina stands out as one in a million. She knows that for most people, San Francisco is a destination point and not a pit stop. But you can count on Lina for an original way of being in the world. She moved here but knows her heart is in Brooklyn, to which she will at some point return and spend the rest of her life, and she knew this as she boarded the California-bound plane.

The reasons for her love of Brooklyn are as profound as is Lina herself; both have an ability to encompass historical and cultural timelessness. And, her love letter? One guess. To Brooklyn, of course, the city she loves, and the city to which she long ago said, “I could write a thousand love letters to Brooklyn.” Let’s hope she does and that they become a part of both Brooklyn history, about which she knows a great deal, and her own history that is still in progress. Lina's view is a joy and a lesson in how generously and uniquely the world can be seen through the right eyes.

From me to you with love in the air,

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