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Limoneira crusades for ‘sustainable world’ with natural organic products

For more than a century one California company has been crusading for sustainability by what they explain as “creating a bridge between agricultural practices and sustainable community development.” Located in Ventura, Limoneira operates solar orchards that produce two megawatts of electricity, they also create genuinely organic beauty products from lip balms to facial cleansers that smell good enough to eat.

When life gives you lemons create sustainable beauty products
Courtesy Limoneria

The Avocado Honey Lip Balm is infused with lip plumping polypeptides and vitamin B3 that leave your kisser alluring and sexy. The Avocado Face & Bar Body cleanses, softens, hydrates and leaves your skin fresh and tingling. The Lemon Hand Lotion and Hand Cleansers and Moisturizers are just lovely with a fresh, fruity scent.

A personal favorite though is the Lavender Avocado Facial Cleanser which turns the power-packed vegetable and flower into a foaming luxuriant face wash. The Avocado Mask, which you use once or twice a week, soothes, tones and perks up the complexion.

And then there’s a Lemon Body Butter that’s ideal for after sun, bath or shower, to keep skin hydrated, silky and soft.

The power of avocados (which FYI Dr. Oz highly promotes): All Limoneira's avocado based products use the skin saving powers of avocado oil which stimulates collagen, helps protect against sun damage and penetrates deep skin layers more effectively. Products contain a new avocado-based compound discovered during ethno botanical research, which is a natural promoter of skin metabolism that regenerates cells to create younger and firmer skin.

When life gives you lemons—lemon juice is a non-chemical way of lightening age spots and brightening blotchy brown discolorations and the acid in lemons helps to take off dry, flaky skin to create a more even skin tone. Add some lavender to that and you get extra aroma plus a calming affect that reduces inflammation.

Another nice thing about using these products is that you are joining in with Limoneria’s earth-saving philosophy which includes solar energy, smart water management principles, food safety measures, harvesting fruit that is safe for all concerned and limits damage and disease and a sense of community, specifically Santa Paul East where they created a live, walk, work community with jobs, housing, retail and recreational activities.

Limoneira is creating a beautiful world of cosmetics and garden fresh food. Yes, in addition to beauty products the company sells avocados, lemons and gift baskets.

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