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Limiting cell phone data usage for your teens

Put time limits on data use for cell phones

Protecting teens on the internet has become more complicated with the data access that comes with smart phones and wireless devices. Instead of sleeping, teens continue to watch YouTube and keep up with their friend’s status on Facebook. Many of the major wireless carriers have introduced parental controls to limit access and control usage costs.

Instead of monitoring your teen’s phone usage and having endless arguments parents can take establish firm boundaries for cell phones and ipads. With one simple phone call, parents can restore peace, control costs, and protect their kids on the internet. Depending on the wireless carrier parent’s use, the new wireless parental controls can restrict data usage to certain hours of the day. The wireless parental controls also allow parents to limit teen’s cell phone texts, talk, and internet access for an affordable monthly charge or family plan.

The wireless parental controls enable parents to set firm boundaries for teens by controlling the how much access teens have with their wireless devices:

  • Prevent the threats of bullies by blocking harassing calls and texts,
  • Stop the unauthorized purchases of games, apps, alert services, etc. that are directly billed to your account,
  • Establish time restrictions for wireless device usage
  • Limit the amount of texting per month,
  • Limit the amount and time of data usage and
  • Prevent 411 charges.

Finally, there is a painless quiet way to control your teen’s wireless communications. For detailed information of wireless parental controls,

AT&T click here

Verizon click here

Sprint click here

T-Mobile click here

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