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Limited time remains: up close tour of Kennedy Space Center's VAB

Up close tour in the VAB
Up close tour in the VAB
Spencer Pastorin

When NASA's space shuttle program ended, one good result was the opening of the vehicle assembly building (or VAB). This building, currently the fourth largest building in volume, for decades remained off limits to the general public.

Since 2011, however, you could pay an additional fee on top of your general admission ticket at Kennedy Space Center to enter the VAB.

The special tour ends, however, on February 11, 2014, when the VAB starts renovations as NASA moves towards the next step in space exploration.

The VAB guided bus tour includes a stop at a view point on the small land bridge that almost connects to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. At this stop, you can see the VAB in the distance, as well as the launch sites on the Cape where Alan Shepard began his historic entry into space as the first American to travel into space. You can also see the launch sites where current Delta V rockets are shot.

The keystone of the guided tour, of course, is the stop inside the restricted VAB building initially constructed for the Saturn V rocket. Your guide will provide additional background into the space shuttle program, and some information on the next Orion program. It's truly something to see!

The final stop includes a viewpoint of the historic 39A and 39B launch pads, which is near the Atlantic Ocean. It's a view that shouldn't be missed.

Don't wait to see for yourself a part of space history and take advantage of this special tour.

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