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Limited time all-you-can-eat buffet at Old Burdick's

Old Burdick's will offer a daily buffet for a limited time.
Old Burdick's will offer a daily buffet for a limited time.
Ashley Henshaw

As Old Burdick's works to renovate their kitchen, they've moved into one of the Radisson hotel's banquet kitchens. What does that mean for customers? Rather than their usual menu of entree and appetizers, the restaurant will be serving all-you-can-eat buffets every day until the renovation is complete.

Changes to the restaurant's kitchen will provide not only a better working area for staff, but also better food and faster service for restaurant patrons. Regular diners at Burdick's anxiously await the return of the full menu and improved offerings, but until then a daily buffet provides all the foods their stomachs could desire. Included in the buffet will be soups, salads, spare ribs, chicken rings, tacos, pasta and more. The buffet menu will also change daily, so diners can come back more than once during this renovation period to try new things.

Wondering what the buffet will cost you? The Old Burdick's daily buffet will actually be much cheaper than most all-you-can-eat buffets typically cost. At only $6.99 per person, a whole family can easily eat for much less than if they had paid for one entree each. The bar will continue to be available for beer, wine and cocktails during the renovations.

The daily buffet at Old Burdick's will run until September 7th, when renovations are expected to be completed.

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