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Limited production Milagro Zinfandel is best on market

Exterior of Milagro tasting room
Exterior of Milagro tasting room
photo by Jim Hammond

Milagro Vineyards in Corrales produces two reserve single vineyard wines, but not every year. These are the Old Church Road Zinfandel and Chardonnay releases. The 2010 Old Church Road Zinfandel is being released and tasted this coming weekend at Milagro Vineyards at the intersection of West Ella and Old Church Road and that is exciting news for fans of Milagro.

Since only 25 cases of this exceptional wine will be produced, it behooves every Milagro wine lover to show up at the tasting room this coming weekend; March 15 and 16. All the grapes are hand-selected after being lovingly tended and placed in French oak barrels for two years and then aged in bottle for another year. No one else in New Mexico puts as much love and attention into the crafting of special wines and this one will be no exception.

Winemaker notes: This special Zinfandel is made from fruit in the Old Church Road vineyard and it displays its characteristic aromas of pie spices and boysenberry in the nose, flavors of blackberry and cherry flavors, tangy acidity, fine tannin and a smooth finish.

All of the current releases are available for tasting and glasses of each can be purchased for consumption at the tasting room, which will display early spring colors that will evolve and change with the seasons. This is the kind of place to visit, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the setting and the wines. The guys behind the counter know the wines and can elaborate on the virtues of each.

This will be a great early Spring and St. Patrick’s Day celebration, so come to the beautiful village of Corrales, put your cares behind you, and get ready to enjoy New Mexico’s best wines with fellow celebrants.