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Limited edition bourbon release planned this weekend in Illinois city

These barrels host some of the distillery's aging whiskey.
These barrels host some of the distillery's aging whiskey.
image via J.K. Williams Distilling

Fans of craft whiskey who live in central Illinois and are driving distance from the city of East Peoria will be interested to know a young distillery there is releasing a limited edition bourbon for purchase on a first come, first serve basis. The release is tomorrow, June 7, and the location is J.K. Williams Distilling.

J.K.'s Young Buck Bourbon, as the whiskey is being called by the distillery, is limited to an initial run of just 351 bottles. It is a very young bourbon, aged only six months in what a local newspaper describes are "honeycomb barrels" that reportedly allow for a higher quality offering in a shorter time. It will price for just under $43 a bottle.

The recipe for this spirit is based upon a 100 year old family recipe and named after the founders’ great grandpa – Eldon “Buck” Williams – who was the oldest child of J.K. Williams, the company’s namesake. As part of the lore of the distillery, J.K. was said to have made bootleg whiskey during the Prohibition era.

J.K. Williams Distilling is located at 526 High Point Lane, and will release its new bourbon at 12pm local time. Other releases are planned in coming months, and it looks as if what's billed as a "top shelf bourbon" aged at least two years will be available in 2015.