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Limbaugh says Sen. Feingold in league with Bin Laden

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)
Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)
Official Senate photo


  • BABS 6 years ago

    Wake up Wisconsin and realize that Feingold's participation in Obama's anti-corporate socialist agenda has contributed greatly to job loss in the state. Feingold is nothing more than an elitist wanna be dictator, who enjoys talking down to his constituents rather than listening to them. What is really scary is that Limbaugh's comments are not that far off the mark. Its time to vote these power hungry elitist out of office while we still have the chance. Plain and simple Feingold is not good for Wisconsin.

  • Shaun 6 years ago

    Wow. That just takes the cake. "bin Laden mentions Global Warming so he's in bed with the democrats!" And a dictator? LOL! Talk about paranoia. Its really sad that people actually take what these "commentators" say seriously. And BABS, someone being smarter than you doesn't make them an "elitist", it just means they're smarter than you. And as far as talking down, well, I saw the town halls he participated in, and well, it wasn't talking down, it's called explaining, and the townfolk of Hooterville seemed a bit to immature to allow a civil debate to occur.

  • James M Murphy 6 years ago

    "Neo" Conservatives?? As Opposed to "Neo" Liberals?

    I'm an Independent by the way.
    Lately I've been leaning towards the Libertarians but I have friends who've voted Democratic (Neo?) and friends who've voted Republican (Neo?).. I've been talking to them all and they are all disappointed with both Republican and Democratic Administrations. The problem is not Republican nor is it Democratic... It's Governmental. In particular it's Congress. They no longer represent us; We, The People!
    As someone smarter than I once said. "We have the Best Congress Money Can buy!" Now the Supreme Court is allowing Corporations to jump back in with their Dollars to Buy Campaigns....? What the Hell is that all about?
    We need to get back to what our founding fathers originally intended.
    We all, including me at times, are guilty of jumping to conclusions, we parrot what we've heard without independent thought or we just plan take the "Party Line"....
    This is dangerous and we must now realize that T

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