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Lilly Ann Workout: Dad and baby girl's adorable work out session is a viral hit

It feels good to take a respite from mining the salacious and scandalous Internet news. Of course, as any journalist knows, the shocking sells, but in this case, it’s simply a few minutes of pure father and daughter bonding time, and it’s so incredibly adorable.

Yesterday, the Daily Picks and Flicks carried dad Michael Stansbury’s “workout routine” with his daughter Lilly Ann. The video has attracted tens of thousands of views on Twitter, Facebook and other viral hubs, and you can see why. also picked it up, so you know it's a good one.

Stansbury tries his best while his adorable baby girl performs her little baby push-ups, but can barely keep up.

“This is tough, I can’t handle you,” he says to his little athlete.

Have you ever tried lying on your belly, with your legs straight out but raised? And then tried lifting your arms? It’s not easy. And I'm a Zumba enthusiast.

So take a moment, relax and enjoy a brief glimpse into a tender moment between dad and daughter. Share the video!

Now, let’s get back to the news…

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