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Lilah at the Italian Childrens Home

Lilah Peforming at the Italian Childrens Home
Lilah Peforming at the Italian Childrens Home
Mary Boyd

Not only is Lilah a phenomenal performer, she has a big heart. Taking the time from her busy schedule at school which is her number one priority she attends an award ceremony that was given at the Italian Childrens Home. During this event the children gathered, and were awarded certificates for their achievements. Lilah and other special guest performers Row Jones featuring Moraima, and Geneieve were ready to entertain the children for the evening.

During a brief intermission Lilah gave the children gift baskets, t-shirts, her CD single "Im So Fly" and she also signed autographs. It gave me such joy to hear the laughter, and see the smiles on their faces when Lilah shook hands with each and everyone of the children as they prepared to go back to their rooms at the end of the night. As the children were leaving one of the little girls said, "I love your music Lilah" and gave her a big hug.

As we were leaving the Italian Childrens Home she said "One day when I'm rich and famous". "I'm going to make sure I come back to my city, and do something big for all of the kids".

Lilahs love for music will never end it will continue to grow each and everyday, because performing is what she loves. She will continue to perfect her art as she climbs her way to the top! For those of you who like to follow Lilah on her musical journey, and more information on her upcoming events go to: