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Lilah at the Hard Rock Cafe

Lilah and Girls Nite Out at The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston
Lilah and Girls Nite Out at The Hard Rock Cafe in Boston
Mary Boyd

Lilah an 11-year old female rapper from Brockton, Massachusetts is definitely a very talented young lady. She was chosen from thousands of music submissions across 8 states to be one of the 15 finalists in the Music On & Up 14 and under showcase. On May 15, 2011 Lilah competed at the famous Hard Rock Cafe located in Boston, Massachusetts Fanueil Hall. Not only did she compete against kids that came from other cities and towns including Kentucky and North Carolina. Lilah is the very first female rapper to perform and represent the rap category at the Music On & Up Showcase!

Music On & Up which is founded by Patricia Duffey and her Marketing and Production Assistant Debby Scaduto, both of these women have worked very hard to put these showcases together for the kids. The purpose of this program is to support the performers, providing them the opportunities to showcase their talents and love for music creating unique and exciting experiences for them. Unfortunately children 14 and under are limited to where they can perform so this is where Music On & Up comes in. Helping young talented performers to succeed, and gain confidence while pursuing their careers in the music industry is a very important part of preparing for their musical journey.

I have never seen so many talented young performers gather together under one roof, ready to share their talents. Being given the opportunity to hear so many different genres of amazing music during this competition, I knew the judges would have a very difficult task of choosing the winners. After all of the contestants had performed it was now time for the judges to decide on the winners. While waiting for the judges we were entertained by a girl group named Girls Nite Out. Lilah received 2 awards, one for recognition and also for Best Stage Presence. Having witnessed so much amazing talent that day I can truly say there were no losers everyone was a winner!