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Lil Za faces up to 9 years in prison; takes wrap for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber in concert
Justin Bieber in concert
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Justin Bieber's pal and roommate Lil Za faces up to nine years in prison after being charged with three felonies. Lil Za is being charged with two felonies for the possession of a controlled substance, apparently for the ecstasy and oxycodone that the police found at Bieber's house. He is also being charged with another felony for breaking a cell phone while in jail.

Sources say he broke the phone to precent authorities from finding any other evidence inside the device.

As Bieber was recently arrested for DUI, it is no secret that the young star has been abusing drugs and alcohol. While Lil Za obviously used drugs with Bieber, it is more likely that the drugs found at the star's house belonged to Bieber although they were found lying close to Za.

If the drugs were in fact Bieber's than Lil Za is knowingly throwing away his life to protect Bieber's celebrity status.

Hopefully Bieber gets his act together while his friend faces what could add up to serious jail time.