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Lil Kim pregnant with first child

Hip Hop’s rapper and queen bee Kimberly Denise Jones aka: Lil Kim, at the age of 39 is expecting her first child, yes, Lil Kim is pregnant. Sources (Us Weekly), has confirmed the rapper is pregnant and says she stated “I can’t wait to be a mother to my little one when it arrives.” Although we know the hardcore rapper is now expecting her first child, the baby’s father has not yet been confirmed.

A very pregnant Lil Kim posing and showing her baby bump during her appearance at the Fall 2014 Fashion Week
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

Many may ask how this may affect the hardcore rapper and ask where will she go from here? Lil Kim has always been known for being that female rapper who is hardcore and nasty on stage, so you ask; will this image change for the rapper? This question may have already been answered during her stage performance at the Blonds Fashion Week after party in New York. She took the stage to sing Lighters Up, which was dedicated to the late Notorious B.I.G. During her appearance at the after party, the rapper stated, “I’m still going to work. I’m still going to be hardcore; the baby has made me even more of a beast.” The rapper also told the crowd, “Soon, it’s going to be Biggie’s birthday and death anniversary so we (she pointed to her belly) love you.

Lil Kim, as we know has had somewhat of an infamous pass for her wild image and bad-girl persona. She spent time in jail after being convicted of lying to a federal grand jury. The bad-girl rapper was convicted for that infamous shooting that took place outside of a New York radio station in 2001. The rapper has also had some successes as well when she became a Grammy winner. She was also successful with her “Hard Core” album, which reached double- platinum status in the United States.

Will the infamous and hardcore rapper be as successful as a mom as she was with her rapper career? Only time will tell, if the baby to be will soften the rapper or whether she will continue with her hardcore and bad-girl image. Congratulations to the soon to be mom.

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