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Going from good, worse to just plain terrible
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In Matthew 7:1-2 Jesus said “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you too will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” With that being said it should go without saying that my 2 cents should be kept to myself; but I always use the disclaimer that I accept and embrace the reality that I am an unequivocal “piece of work” in need of a host of infrastructure improvements in the way of personal, professional, and otherwise.

When I heard the news that Lil’ Kim was pregnant, I met it with a collective sigh of “Who cares and why is this news?” But, as I saw the Lil’ Kim pregnant headline flicker with increasing frequency across the news feeds I starting thinking about the character, the image, or maybe caricature is a better word to describe the image she presents to the world.

Then I remembered why I tuned her out many years ago, it has long been my contention that this woman is mentally ill and it pains me to see someone in obvious pain when the people that surround her, are either unable or unwilling to provide help that is obviously needed.

Why is this important? I see that this is important in lieu of the obsession that American’s (and society at large) have with the cult of personality, the actions of public figures tend to give a stamp of validity to whatever to do, whether it is healthy or otherwise.

Over the past couple of years Lil’ Kim has been renowned not for her music, but for her antics and numerous plastic surgeries. There hasn’t been any shortage of armchair psychologists that have attempted to place a finger on what is going on (or isn’t) in the mind of this woman, but the metamorphosis that this woman has undergone is nothing short of galling.

It goes by a number of names, but it seems to go without saying that this woman has a mental illness; given the drastic change in her appearance it can be argued that she has Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD. In short this disorder is described as an obsession with a perceived flaw in the appearance, where the person seeks out mediums to fix the “flaw”, in her case plastic surgery is the “medium”.

This seems to be very common occurrence in the realm of the “rich and famous” and like many mental illnesses, they can manifest themselves in a number of ways or they may be so subtle that it can be swept under the rug. However, what Lil’Kim is wrestling with is not one of them; prior to her plastic surgery she was a very attractive woman by many standards.

This begs the question, what is the scarier proposition? Lil’ Kim’s proclivity for plastic surgeries or her bringing a child into the world in concert with the “burden” that she has failed to address to date? It may be selfish to say, but I am glad to be on the outside looking at this.

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