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Lil Bub raises money for paralyzed cat at Tabby's Place Cat Sanctuary

Many of us are familiar with Lil Bub (who just turned three), but we are perhaps less familiar with her efforts to help other cats. She works with the ASPCA, raising funds for special-needs animals. Recently, her joint efforts with the ASPCA helped a cat to walk again.

Lil Bub has been working hard. Recently, her fundraising efforts helped a paralyzed cat to walk again.
Photo by Mark Davis

Casper was a feral cat, living in a colony that had a good caregiver. Caregivers keep track of the cats in their colonies, and are aware when one goes missing. According to the story on the ASPCA's site, Casper's caregivers were worried about him when he didn't show up for a meal, and they were afraid something terrible had happened to him. Something had happened, but he wasn't hit by a car or run over with a lawnmower. He hadn't even been the victim of a wild animal attack. Casper simply couldn't move. He couldn’t even raise his head.

The caregivers took him to an emergency vet clinic, which found something on his spine that was inhibiting neural signals, and was the source of Casper's paralysis. The vet figured it was spinal cancer, but even with that diagnosis, Tabby's Place took him in, and forged ahead with treatments despite the warnings that there was probably no hope.

Tabby's Place also discusses Casper's situation on their website. They did acupuncture, steroid treatment, antibiotic treatment, pain medication and physical therapy. As their vet team treated Casper, he began to show improvement; he first lifted his head, and one paw, then another. He sat up. One day, the unexpected occurred: He walked. That wasn't a one-time occurrence, either. He's walked several times since, and he's even jumped up onto a couch.

Tabby's Place doesn't know how long Casper actually has, because the location of whatever's on his spine makes a biopsy impossible. They believe that it's responding to the steroid treatment, though, and they haven't given up any hope at all.

Funding from Lil Bub's efforts helped Tabby's Place treat Casper so extensively, and it hasn't been in vain. For her birthday encore, the ASPCA reports that Lil Bub hopes to raise $50,000 by the end of June to help more special-needs cats.

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