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Lil Boosie family member speaks on alleged misappropriation of funds by brother

Inside the Lil Boosie family: Tonight Feb 25, 2013 in an exclusive, Lil Boosie family member Porche Breaux…blood cousin to Lil Boosie, spoke on the alleged misappropriation of funds by Lil Boosie’s Brother

Photos of Taquari "TQ" Hatch living the lavish life provided by Lil Boosie family member Porche Breaux…blood cousin to Lil Boosie...according to the family member, "TQ" is unemployed and public records show his last employment as a cable company employee.
Photos provided by cousin of "TQ", Porche Breaux
Lil Boosie facing family stress
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Baton Rouge, LA rapper Lil Boosie has had his share of ups and downs, whether it be incarceration or taxes which allegedly were not paid by his management from his income, to alleged fraudulent appearance bookings on his behalf by his brother Taquari “TQ” Hatch. The rapper has been incarcerated for approximately 4 years 4 months, and until recently, was facing life in prison for 1st degree murder, a charge of which he has been exonerated.

The entertainment industry has been rife with talk of Lil Boosie bookings and him being a no-show, potentially ruining his business reputation and chances of regaining ground on his exceptional music career. Stories have floated around regarding Lil Boosie’s “Manager/brother” Taquari “TQ” Hatch taking cash from promoters for appearances even though Lil Boosie didn’t even have a firm release date from prison, until recently.

There is a two-edged blade on that particular issue, either the promoters were too lazy to get proper confirmation that Boosie would be out in time to make the appearances, or whoever was booking the dates was so slick and trusted due to their supposed position within the Boosie camp, as to make their word platinum…despite the obvious status of Boosie. We certainly cannot speculate on the mental capacities of the parties involved however, who gives up hundreds of thousand of dollars without doing their due diligence? Also, once duped, how do you blame someone incapable of defending themselves face to face because they are locked away?! Mistakes were made on multiple levels and certainly any reasonable person would not blame Boosie.

Despite all of the speculation, press releases, suppositions and conjecture, one fact remains…something is rotten in Denmark and according to sources inside the Boosie camp as well as blood relatives, that something is Lil Boosie’s brother Taquari “TQ” Hatch. Below is an open letter from one of Lil Boosie’s blood relatives who is close to the situation Porche Breaux, a cousin from the Hatch side of the family. Nothing about this title or content of the letter has been changed except for the curse words which have been semi-redacted however, the content is totally theirs and no journalistic license has been taken.

This letter from the family member is in response to a previous article by this writer entitled “Note to Bad Azz Ent.: When you cannot trust your blood, you bleed.” This article also delineates alleged abuses of power and money by the same subject and has sparked wide spread conversation across the online hip-hop spectrum, eliciting comments and responses from involved parties as well as lookers on. Below is the open letter from the cousin, Porche Breaux.

Boosie’s Brother is stealing from his nieces and nephews--

Well...well...well....are we really surprised about the fact that Taquari "TQ"Hatch is a thief? He's a selfish a** thief at that!! He** no!!! His crooked a** didn't even really have a relationship with his brother! He thought his brother was ignorant and he could out smart him. His dirty a** spent 50k to take his frat brothers on a trip, actually they've been on plenty trips....He has been to numerous Saints games, he has 7 nieces and nephews how many trips with them? What about trips with Connie.... why didn't he take them out of town? Those girls are struggling!! If he cared anything about his family for real he would have been giving the kid’s mom a child support check at the beginning of the month instead avoiding their kids. He sabotaged their reality show and threatened to send lawyers to the filming because he didn't want them to make any money by doing the reality show saying that they would diminish his brand, but what does he think that his-thieving a** has done? He has been booking shows in Boosie's name and collecting cash when he knows good and well his brother is incarcerated. Then the promoters and fans get upset thinking that Boosie is a no-show! Isn't he hurting the Boosie brand more than anything?

"He's [TQ] driving a new BMW and his mom drives a KIA. He spent well over 150k on his wedding; what unemployed person can do that?? Hopefully his new found wife Nadia Pappas is a part of the Pappadeaux...Papacitos and Pappas brand, because if not, who's gonna pay for his attorney!! While everybody’s so worried about District Attorney Hillar Moore ruining Boosie’s life, he needs to be arresting his thieving a**!! Let's sit back and see his response to this one......GO AHEAD...we'll wait!!” (Source: Porche Breaux…blood cousin to Lil Boosie)

It is not the place of this writer to pass judgement however, it is our journalistic duty to report fact based news from sources with intimate knowledge of the issues at hand…we have done so and will continue to do so with integrity and fairness.

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