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Lil Boosie 2014 : Selfies, Social Media And Southern Hip Hop -- Oh No!

Lil Boosie will have to get used to life out of prison
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Lil Boosie has been locked up for a long, long time and during that time the world has changed dramatically. While Boosie probably heard about all these changes while in prison -- through his family, friends and maybe even the prison guards -- he's probably getting a shock as he experiences it all for the first time.

The Baton Rouge rapper just completed his first show on the Touch Down and Cause Hell tour (TDCH) in Nashville and is already on to his next stop. But somewhere in between touring, Boosie will have to stop and figure out how to use social media, how to take a correct selfie and how to get used to fans having instant access to him via many different outlets.

It's a whole new world, especially when it comes to technology. Boosie probably never thought he'd be able to instantly share his excitement over a show in a second or interact with fans on social media.

Do you think Lil Boosie will be able to get used to the new world he's living in? Adjusting from prison life to home life isn't easy when you're a regular person, so imagine being famous and not knowing anything!

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