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'Like Mother Like Son' true story based on Irene Silverman

based on an actual case

"Like Mother Like Son The Strange Story of Sante and Kenny Kimes," is a fact-based true-story movie based on the disappearance of New York Socialite Irene Silverman.The movie originally aired on CBS in May 2001. It now airs on Lifetime. The movie is directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman and based on Adrian Havill's book about the case. The cast includes: Mary Tyler Moore and Jean Stapleton.

"Like Mother Like Son The Strange Story Of Sante And Kenny Kimes" synopsis/plot

When beloved socialite Irene Silverman vanishes from her brownstone mansion on New York's Upper East Side, her workers point police in the direction of a new tenant. When police find out the tenant's identity, they uncover a murderous plot involving a con artist and his mother.

The real case made headlines in 1998, when an elderly socialite disappeared from her mansion. According to police records, Irene Silverman, 82, was never seen again after she dismissed most of the staff over the holiday.

Police were able to connect Kenny Kimes and his mother Sante Kimes to her disappearance. They were eventually caught and convicted for the murder of Irene Silverman.

Silverman's body has never been found.

The case has been featured in several books, crime documentaries and another movie entitled "A Little Thing Called Murder."

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