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Like Mamma Chia? Try their Chia Squeeze, part 2

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In part 1, I introduced you to Chia Squeeze, another chia seed product from the makers of the highly popular drink, Mamma Chia.

Now I'm going to tell you more about Chia Squeeze and how it tastes. Janie Hoffman, the CEO and founder of Mamma Chia, graciously sent me samples of several flavors of Chia Squeeze to try out. I discovered that the #1 ingredient in all of them is chia seeds. What I’ve been loving about Mamma Chia is the delicate mélange of essences in each flavor. You get a similar effect with Chia Squeeze, but it’s more intense. Each flavor contains multiple ingredients—not just one fruit.

The Mango Coconut, for example, contains mango, banana, apple, carrot, coconut cream, pineapple, and orange. This product tastes both sweeter and tarter to me than the Mamma Chia beverage, probably because it is not diluted with as much liquid so you get more concentrated flavor. This particular flavor tastes very tropical. Because of the intensity, you can dilute Chia Squeeze a bit with other beverages of your choice without sacrificing flavor.

I also tried the Green Magic flavor, which I regarded as the most refreshing flavor. The Wild Raspberry and Blackberry Bliss were very raspberry and blackberry-tasting, respectively. There are also two other flavors—Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry Banana, that sound particularly appealing for children.

I love the cool pouches these come in, too. You don’t have to fumble around with one of those juicebox-type containers with little bitty straws that are so hard to use and cannot be resealed. This pouch comes with a real cap that unscrews. You can consume all the contents of the pouch at once, or you can put the cap back on and save some for later if you want.

This is a great product, and I can see a variety of uses for it besides just drinking it straight up. You could mix it with sparkling water with maybe a sprinkle of stevia, or you could squeeze some on top of your child’s oatmeal in the morning. It would be great as part of a smoothie. In fact, you can think of this as a smoothie “mixer.” Just add some other smoothie ingredients of your choice—maybe some almond milk, a little protein powder (although Chia Squeeze contains 2 grams of protein already), and some ice cubes or frozen banana if it you want it to be more of a frozen treat.

I tried using the blackberry flavor in a green smoothie. I used 4 large romaine leaves, some bottled water, a pouch of the Chia Squeeze, and a small piece of raw ginger root, plus a sprinkle of stevia. It turned out to be one of the best green smoothies I’ve ever had. When I started sipping on it, my dog suddenly started whining until I gave her a little of it. I don’t necessarily recommend green smoothies for dogs, but she loved it, ginger and all. Plus, the Chia Squeeze is a great shortcut, because it already has fruits, vegetables, and chia in it, with no cleaning, peeling, or dicing necessary on your part.

If you’re going to be decadent, just pour this over a nice scoop of vegan or regular real ice cream—not the kind with a million chemical ingredients and fake flavors in it. I like Haagen Dazs. Or make a swirl shake with it. Put a scoop of vanilla or other flavor ice cream in a glass and stir it to soften it, squeeze in a pouch of Chia Squeeze, and use a spoon to swirl the Chia Squeeze through the ice cream. Oh, yeah!

My local Kroger’s does not carry Chia Squeeze yet. However, you can buy it directly from the Mamma Chia web site. A pack of 16 pouches is $27.99. That’s only $1.75 apiece.

The web site does not list the ingredients so I’m listing them for you here. As you’ll see, they have concentrated nutrition along with their more intense flavor. Each one is a powerhouse of beneficial and tasty ingredients.

Mango Coconut Chia Squeeze ingredients:
• Hydrated organic chia seeds
• Organic mango puree
• Organic banana puree
• Organic apple juice concentrate
• Organic carrot puree
• Organic coconut cream
• Organic pineapple juice concentrate
• Organic orange juice concentrate
• Citric acid
• Organic natural mango flavor
• Organic natural coconut flavor

Wild Raspberry Chia Squeeze ingredients:
• Hydrated organic chia seeds
• Organic banana puree
• Organic raspberry juice concentrate
• Organic apple juice concentrate
• Organic beet puree
• Organic natural berry flavors
• Citric acid
• Fruit and vegetable juice for color

Blackberry Bliss Chia Squeeze ingredients:
• Hydrated organic chia seeds
• Organic grape juice concentrate
• Organic blackberry puree
• Organic blackberry juice concentrate
• Organic purple carrot juice concentrate
• Citric acid
• Organic natural blackberry flavor
• Organic natural blueberry flavor

Green Magic Chia Squeeze ingredients:
• Hydrated organic chia seeds
• Organic banana puree
• Organic mango puree
• Organic apple juice concentrate
• Organic lemon juice
• Organic spirulina
• Organic chlorella
• Organic natural mango flavor
• Citric acid
• Organic kale
• Organic natural pineapple flavor

If you love the Mamma Chia beverage but need a more storable, packable, non-refrigerated chia snack with more concentrated nutritional punch, Chia Squeeze is your answer.